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November 2020

Local & Organic

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Lexington Co-op

A community-owned grocer owned by over 17,000 members from WNY; carries food and items from local farms and shops; specializes in organic food options; locations on Elmwood and Hertel Aves.

SPECIALIST: Tim Bartlett, General Manager


* Also available for interviews: Chef Calvin College, Baker Rachel Jolbert and Tim Christiani, local beer aficionado.



  • NYS agriculture
  • Local farms
  • Coop business model
  • Workplace inclusion
  • Organic produce, vegan food selections
  • Grocer shopping trends
  • Sustainability
  • Natural products









By Specialists

Erie County Cancer Services Program

Provides free and/or low-cost, comprehensive screening services for breast, cervical and colon cancer; supports eligible men and women between the ages of 40 and 64 who have little or no health insurance.

SPECIALIST:      Michelle Wysocki, Program Director


  • Cancer screening processes
  • Resources for the uninsured for cancer screening, diagnostics and treatment
  • Community-based and outreach education
  • At-home screenings options
  • Early detection screenings




WNY Specialists

By Connected. Clever. Bold.

Quite simply, the 85West Specialist Directory is a resource for media to find WNY companies and individuals who are “subject matter experts” in their field or industry.

For news directors, producers, bloggers and journalists, this like Ted Talks and Angie’s List combined!